Phone Number Features

Meet your voice and SMS needs with our global phone number coverage

Add essential features and functionality to your voice calls to build and integrate your custom calling experience.
Play Audio Prompts
Seamless Activation
We offer instant activation in countries where proofs are not needed. Use APIs to upload and verify all address and identity proofs with a single API call.
Text to Speech
Assured Numbers
Only clean numbers are available in the inventory. We carry out a thorough check and impose a cool-off period to avoid unwanted calls or blocks.
Dual Channel Call Recording
High-Quality Standards
We’ve handpicked everything in the process for the highest level of customer experience and minimal call failures.
Custom Caller ID
Broad Coverage and Inventory
Get instant access to national, local, mobile, and toll-free phone numbers across the globe using our powerful APIs.
Programmable Phone Number Features
  • Search
    Search for numbers range or prefixes across 120+ countries. Refine the results based on capabilities, region, and number types.
  • Purchase
    Get frictionless purchase, allocation, and instant activation over our API. Make purchases at account or subaccount levels.
Faster Time to Market
Faster Time to Market
  • Verification
    Save time by not filling out forms. Create, update, and verify all addresses, address proofs, and identity documents in a single API call.
  • Number Porting Facility
    Port your existing number to Plivo for powerful out-of-the-box features. Relax — our team will handle the entire coordination process.
Faster Time
to Market
Build, integrate, and troubleshoot issues faster. With Plivo you can focus on building the features that differentiate your business and be faster to market.
Voice API Platform Queueing
Quick Verification Process
APIs that support multiple identity and address proofs submission. Instant number activation if verification is not required.
Realtime Call Notifications
Default Applications
Get your systems up and running in the least possible time with our library of default applications.
Detailed Debug Logs
Maintenance Support
Round-the-clock dedicated support team to address to your concerns and reduce business disruptions.
Server Side SDKs
Minimal Debug Time
Debug and troubleshoot issues and problems faster with detailed logs. Drill down to details to find root causes.
Reusable Templates
Reusable Templates
Add powerful functionality quickly with minimal coding with our library of ready-to-use templates.
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