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Call Insights

Monitor, identify, and troubleshoot end-to-end call quality issues proactively to improve end user experience.

Call Insights
Actionable summary to identify issues quickly
Always be on top of the overall health of your voice calls on Plivo. Identify call quality issues early and fix issues faster.
Call Summary Dashboard
A detailed summary of key call quality indicators such as latency, MOS, and packet loss. Ability to segment calls by subaccount, geo location, hangup details, carrier network, and device metadata.
Call Summary Dashboard
Call Quality Feedback
Collect feedback from end users using the Call Quality Feedback API. Determine the root cause of frequently reported issues by observing correlations between audio quality metrics and attributes such as network condition, geo location, and device metadata.
Call Qualtiy Feedback
Discover Patterns
Identify correlations between audio quality (MOS, jitter, packet loss, latency, and audio levels) and the key vectors that influence quality, such as device user agent, network conditions, and downstream carrier.
Discover Patterns
Detailed Call Statistics for Accurate Troubleshooting
Find the root cause of call setup and quality issues in seconds with our Call Debug UI.
Detailed Call Logs
  • Who initiated the call?
  • How and from where was the call initiated?
  • Where did it terminate to?
  • Which device, OS, browser, and mic was used?
  • Who hung up the call and why?
  • What other legs were involved in the call flow?
You don’t have to go hunting for answers to key questions like these anymore.
Detailed call Logs
Timeline Of Events
Troubleshoot reported issues quickly with an end-to-end view of the entire call from initiation to termination. Visualize end user experience easily with a timeline of call state changes, conference events, and interactions with other legs.
Timeline of events
Audio Capture
Optionally enable raw audio packet capture, making it easier to identify quality issues like one-way audio and choppy voice. Turn Audio Capture on and off at will from your console.
Audio Capture
Proactive monitoring for real-time alerts
Client-side monitoring and alerts for VoIP calls set up using Plivo Browser, iOS, and Android SDKs.
  • Smart Diagnosis
    Highlight issues during an ongoing call by displaying prescriptive steps to your users such as "enable mic" or "check audio device."
  • Real-Time Quality Alerts
    Highlight issues when call quality suffers across your browser and mobile apps. Alert users via real-time pop-ups for critical call quality events.
  • Pre-call connectivity tests
    Evaluate network conditions and select the best location for each call. Alert users about poor network quality even before they make phone calls.
Proactive monitoring
Powerful Reporting for Custom Data Views
Powerful analytics let you slice and dice call insights data however you want.
Optimized Points of Presence
On the Console
Access all or any of the call insights data within the console using existing views. Uncover business and technical insights by combining rich call quality data with client metadata, custom tags, and raw CDRs.
Carrier Connections
Programmatically access data through APIs to deliver the same powerful insights to your end users. Push data to third-party data platforms you use with ease.
Quality based routing
With Embeddable Widgets
Effortlessly integrate a modern analytics experience into your applications by creating rich, interactive dashboards using embeddable Call Insight widgets.
Powerful Features Out of the Box
Everything you need to identify and fix call quality issues faster.
Call Timeline and Hangup Details
Call Relationship Map
Conference Logs
Summary Reports
Real-Time Alerts on Browser and Mobile SDK Calls
Call Origination and Termination Metadata
Detailed Audio Quality Stats
Advanced Reports
Proactive Alerts
Call Insights API and Embeddable SDKs
Basic Feature
Premium Feature
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