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Deckers and Plivo are a Perfect Pair When it Comes to the Customer Experiences

  • SMS Notifications

Deckers is a global footwear giant offering a portfolio of well-known brands, including UGG, Hoka One One, Sanuk, Teva, & Koolaburra. The difference they make in people’s lives begins with a belief in creating a new kind of footwear to improve daily lives.

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Luxer One ensures special occasions remain special with prompt package notifications

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  • SMS Notifications

Luxer One specializes in the secure delivery and pick-up of goods. The Luxer One team started innovating 24/7 automated locker solutions in San Francisco in 2005 as Laundry Locker. Today, with almost one-third market share, they are the leaders in package locker solution.

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CallHub connects political campaigns to voters with innovative voice solutions

  • Voice Calls
  • Browser Based Calling

CallHub serves more than 3,000 customers across six continents, helping with voter registration and get out the vote (GOTV) efforts in the US, party leadership races across Canada, advocacy campaigns in Australia, voter outreach in Belgium, the presidential election in Columbia, and multiple grassroots campaigns across the world.

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Lending Express transforms how SMBs obtain funding

  • Voice Calls
  • Browser Based Calling

With more than 120,000 customers around the world and 50-plus lending partners, Lending Express quickly makes connections between SMBs and the right lenders, improving funding odds, unlocking better funding opportunities, and providing the optimal funding solution.

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Homebase Keeps Businesses and Employees Connected with SMS

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Homebase, brings free timesheets and schedules to everyone, & kills paperwork for all. Their cloud-based time clock & timesheets allow you to track hours from anywhere, and save time on preparing payroll.

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Flight Vector Takes Off With SMS

  • SMS Alerts

Flight Vector™ is dedicated to helping people with dispatch and map solutions for helicopters, fixed wing planes, and ground units. Flight Vector’s communication center notifies customers via SMS alerts and location-based services, including dispatch and logistics for emergency events.

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What customers are saying

Ease of use, excellent documentation, instant deployment, phone number availability, new and improved console. Bolivar P
I am a developer and it took me all of 5 minutes to setup Plivo in my PHP project - it was amazingly simple! Jesal B
Their Dial XML and ease of endpoint registration definitely set them apart from the other guys. Steve J
Great APIs, We have been using Plivo for several of our clients. Fantastic tech support. Please keep the good work up Priya B
They have a large inventory of numbers and are fairly good at acquiring new numbers in harder area codes and internationally. Colin L
I really enjoy using this software because it deliver its purpose when it comes to sending verification to customers anywhere. Very reliable! Nomsa M

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