Whastapp Business API

Whatsapp Business API

Effortlessly deploy WhatsApp for customer engagement while keeping costs low.

WhatsApp Business API Pricing

Streamlined Pricing: Meta's Fee + One Simple Plivo Fee.

Lower your total costs significantly with Plivo

Meta Fee
Meta charges a fee* per
conversation at rates that depend on the type of conversation.
Plivo platform fees
Pay per conversation, not per message.

*Visit Meta's website for details.

*One fee for any conversation, anywhere, with no extra charge for media messages.

Our volume-based discounts offer significant savings

Unlock the Potential of WhatsApp with Plivo’s Solutions

WhatsApp Business API

Leverage Plivo’s WhatsApp Business API to programmatically send WhatsApp messages to your customers.

WhatsApp AI Chatbot

Use Plivo’s no-code, WhatsApp AI chatbot, powered by ChatGPT, to automate your customer service.

WhatsApp Marketing Automation

Explore Plivo's WhatsApp Marketing Automation platform for personalized campaigns on WhatsApp.

Plivo is a Trusted Partner for Superior Support, Guaranteed Delivery, and Simple Pricing

Superior Support
Plivo has a 99/100 satisfaction score on G2, with 24/7 customer support and guided onboarding facility.
Trusted Partner
Plivo is a registered Meta Solution Provider for WhatsApp business integration.
Guaranteed Delivery
Plivo delivers billions of messages and calls annually with SMS and voice fallback channels.
Simple Pricing
Plivo charges a flat fee per conversation, with volume discounts available.

Automate your WhatsApp communication
with Plivo

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using WhatsApp messaging with Plivo?

Use our integrated sign-up and registration to start using WhatsApp messaging on Plivo’s console. Verify your WhatsApp numbers and begin sending messages within seconds.

How does the pricing work for using WhatsApp through Plivo?

Pricing is conversation-based, which includes Meta’s fees and Plivo’s pay-as-you-go platform fee. Meta charges per conversation, which is defined as a 24-hour message thread. Plivo charges a platform fee per conversation in addition to Meta's fees.

How does billing work with Plivo for WhatsApp messaging services?

Plivo consolidates all billing for both Plivo and Meta charges into a single invoice. This includes both the conversation-based charges by Meta and the platform fees by Plivo.

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Volume pricing starts at 200,000 units/ month. For lower volumes, check our standard pricing

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Thanks for your interest in Plivo. We have two account options available to meet customers’ varying needs:

  • Self-service: no commitment, standard pricing, free basic support.
  • Committed spend agreement: guided implementation, premium support options, and discounted rates. These packages involve an annual contract starting at $750 a month.
Based on the information that you provided, a self-service account seems like the right fit for your business. Use the links below to get started:
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