SMS API Platform

Programmatically interact with your customers globally over SMS using the API thousands of businesses trust.
SMS API Platform

Enable Your App with SMS in Minutes

Hit the ground running with out of the box templates and getting started guides

More Ways to Send and Receive SMS Around the World

Go global, and improve customer experience by customizing your sender IDs. Send SMS from a phone number, Short Code or an alphanumeric sender ID.
  • Local Phone Numbers

    Use local or mobile phone numbers and send SMS to every country globally. Receive messages on SMS enabled phone numbers in 30 countries.

  • Alphanumeric Sender ID

    Brand your SMS by customizing your sender ID using alphanumeric characters for your outbound messages in 140 countries outside of US & Canada.

  • Toll Free Numbers

    Send and receive SMS using Toll-free numbers in US & Canada. Buy a new number or enable your existing number to send and receive SMS.

  • Short Codes

    Send and receive high throughput and large volume of SMS using a Short Codes in the U.S and Canada.

Powerful Features out of the box

  • Message Queueing

  • Number Pooling

  • Long Message Concatenation

  • Handle opt out Intent

  • Area-code Geomatch

  • Default Message Body Purging

  • Support for any Character Set

  • Message Feedback API

  • Sticky Sender


Flexible pricing model for your needs

Why Plivo

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Pre-packaged templates for your use case reduces the amount of code required to integrate Voice and SMS in your applications.

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Enable the same app to communicate with anyone across 200+ countries and over 1,500 telecom networks. Scale to new markets in no time as you grow.

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Engineered for reliability, quality and 99.95% uptime. Our Premium network allows for crystal clear voice quality and improved SMS deliverability.

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Competitive pricing from the start. Simple usage based pricing where you only pay for what you use. Avail volume discounts and custom pricing as you scale.

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