A Twilio Alternative that Offers
Superior Quality

40,000+ customers chose Plivo for superior quality, global coverage, free support, and great prices.

Switch to Plivo and enjoy superior quality at unmatched prices.

High Voice Quality & SMS Delivery

We connect directly with Tier-1 carriers to give you low latency, high SMS delivery and crystal clear voice quality.

Global Reliability & Availability

Our global network and Tier-1 carrier connections ensures that you can reach your users anytime anywhere.

99.95% Guaranteed Uptime

Our geographically distributed data centers, architecture, and 24/7 manned NOCs ensure 99.95% uptime.

We've helped businesses save up to 40% on voice & SMS bills!

Free Inbound SMS

Receive free inbound SMS messages on all Plivo SMS phone numbers in all of our coverage areas.

Free Recording & Storage

Record and store your calls on Plivo for Free. Our secure servers keep your data safe and accessible anytime.

Free 24/7 Emergency Support

We offer unmatched support with guaranteed response times to all of our customers at no additional cost.

We work directly with local carriers in 200+ countries to connect to 1600+ carrier networks around the world. This means that we can provide the highest quality routes at the lowest prices. See for yourself.

SMS Usage (Per Month) Plivo Twilio Annual Savings with Plivo
200,000 $350 $1500 $13,800
5,000,000 $8,750 $37,500 $345,000
25,000,000 $43,750 $187,500 $1,725,000
Voice Usage (Per Month) Plivo Twilio Annual Savings with Plivo
500,000 $5,125 $5,625 $6000
2,500,000 $25,625 $28,125 $30,000
15,000,000 $153,750 $168,750 $180,000
* Price estimates based on 50% inbound and 50% outbound within the United States.

Why customers chose Plivo over Twilio

"...I needed to be able to leverage device registration, which doesn’t work without a lot of hacks with Twilio. Plivo’s API lets me create a SIP endpoint, generate the registration ... register a phone or app directly to their SBC. Game Over."

- Vince Desta, Founder at Layer Four Solutions

"...Plivo is more than just a Twilio alternative, they have great voice quality and in the rare times when I had issues, their support team was on it right away. Plivo is a company I can trust to build my company on. It's a no brainer."

- Clint Berry, CTO at Weave

Get the support you deserve, absolutely FREE

Support Features Plivo Twilio
Guaranteed response time FREE $2,500+/month
24/7 Emergency response FREE $5,000/month

At Plivo, the quality of service you receive is not dictated by the size of your business or the complexity of your app. We believe that all our customers deserve impartial 24/7 emergency support and guaranteed response times at no extra cost. Switch to Plivo now!

Plivo offers more features for less

Compare Plivo with Twilio - SMS Features

Features Plivo Twilio
Two-way SMS in 19 countries 15 countries
Send SMS to All countries 196 countries
Unicode circ-checkmarks circ-checkmarks
Concatenated messaging circ-checkmarks circ-checkmarks
Delivery report circ-checkmarks circ-checkmarks
SMS Short Codes USA, Canada, & UK USA, Canada, & UK
SMS Short Codes base rate 40 messages/sec 30 messages/sec

Compare Plivo with Twilio - Voice Features

Features Plivo Twilio
Buy local numbers 55 countries 41 countries
Make calls to 208 countries 208 countries
Recording storage Free 0.05¢ per minute / month
(after 10k mins)
Transcription Auto: $0.05/Min
Hybrid: $0.35/Min
$0.05 per minute
Text-to-speech 18 languages 17 languages
Concurrent phone calls Unlimited Unlimited
Conferencing capacity Up to 100 callers Up to 40 callers
Native SIP support Inbound & Outbound Inbound & Outbound
(no device registration)
SIP device registration circ-checkmarks Not supported
Logs & analytics circ-checkmarks circ-checkmarks

Migrating to Plivo is quick and easy

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