WhatsApp Business API Pricing

Streamlined Pricing: Meta's Fee + One Simple Plivo Fee.

Meta Fee
Meta Fee
Meta charges a fee* per conversation at rates that depend on the type of conversation.
Plivo Platform Fee
Plivo platform fees
Pay per conversation, not per message.
*Visit Meta's website for details.
*One fee for any conversation, anywhere, with no extra charge for media messages.

Our volume-based discounts offer significant savings

Conversational Messaging, Reinvented
Frequently asked questions

A ‘conversation’ is defined according to Meta's guidelines. For the precise definition and more details, please refer to Meta's documentation.

Our model is designed for transparency and ease, eliminating per-message fees and offering a single rate for any conversation type.

Currently, Plivo supports billing only in USD and INR to cater to global clients efficiently.

Meta’s fees are charges imposed by Meta for using the WhatsApp Business API, applicable to all providers. The Meta conversation-based pricing fee varies by use case and is charged in 24-hour increments that start when the first message from a business is delivered.

Plivo champions simplicity and transparency by offering a unified rate for all conversation types. This policy ensures businesses can engage in various conversations without worrying about fluctuating costs.

Our volume discounts are crafted to support businesses as they scale. Discuss your needs with our team so that we can tailor a pricing plan that optimizes your ROI.

No. Plivo supports multimedia messaging within WhatsApp conversations, allowing for a richer, more engaging customer experience without additional costs.