Hospitality and Travel
SMS and Voice APIs

Thousands of businesses use Plivo’s global cloud communications platform and voice and messaging APIs to power their business engagement platforms, including restaurants, airlines, hotels, homesharing, and other hospitality and travel companies.

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Why do hospitality providers rely on
Plivo APIs for communication?
Benefits of SMS and voice communications
for hospitality businesses
  • Enhance customer communications
    • Automate reservation, booking, and payment communications.
    • Inform guests of unusual events, such as repairs.
    • Send bulk SMS to market new destinations or special deals.
  • Improve security and enhance office efficiency
    • Protect private information by requiring two-factor authentication and one-time passwords for web portal, lockbox codes, and other secure resources.
    • Give incoming callers access to IVR menus that accept both DTMF and speech input.
    • Keep staff updated on hours, policies, and other information.
Hospitality and Travel SMS and Voice APIs
Plivo APIs for hospitality businesses
Join other travel and hospitality businesses that trust
Plivo for their communications
“The tech and APIs are really easy to use. We get to use a single service to get access to SMS worldwide. For a SaaS company like Simplotel that has customers worldwide, Plivo makes it really easy. They also keep us updated [about] the changing regulatory environment.”
Verified user review, G2
“From day one we had Plivo’s applications and very clear documentation that made it very easy to set up.”
Piotr Matuszkiewicz, Engineering Manager, Houst
Frequently asked questions

Yes. Many businesses find it advantageous to anonymize communication between two parties — for example, between a customer and a delivery agent on a food delivery service platform or a driver and a rider using a ride-hailing application. We’ve written use case guides that show how to implement number masking in your applications.

You can send an SMS version of an electronic receipt as a pure text message, or send an image version of a receipt using MMS. Plivo provides a no-code/low-code design tool called PHLO that lets you do this quickly, or you can integrate the process into your existing application with the help of one of our SDKs.

We talk about the pros and cons of different number types in a recent blog post. In the US, application-to-person (A2P) texting requires the use of 10DLC numbers, while short codes have different benefits.

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