Number Masking Keeps User Data Safe
Anonymize communication between two parties to safeguard personal phone numbers from being shared.
  • Safeguard user information — Connect users with partners like drivers, delivery agents, sellers, technicians, contractors, and other service providers without revealing their phone numbers.
  • Prevent platform leakage — Ensure all transactions, interactions, and engagements remain within your platform.
  • Uphold brand reputation — Maintain user trust and foster a positive brand image by ensuring your users’ privacy and safety.
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You’re in good company

  • Accenture
  • mercado libre
  • PagerDuty
  • experian
  • IBM
  • Godaddy
Why Plivo for call masking?
Benefits of Plivo's Number Masking API
Protect user data
and privacy, enabling customers to freely interact with vendors.
Empower agents
to communicate directly with users without revealing their personal phone numbers.
Prevent platform leakage
and off-platform transactions between users and vendors.
Fast-track transactions
between buyers and sellers, connecting them without compromising security and privacy.
How Plivo’s Number Masking API works
  1. Purchase a number on the Plivo console.
  2. Complete a single API integration

That’s it! You’ve successfully implemented number masking.

Robust feature set allows number masking users to:
  • Audit calls - record calls for analysis, audits, and quality assurance.
  • Avoid unanswered calls - redirect inbound calls and manage call flows.
  • Personalize user experience - play prerecorded voice files in regional languages.
  • Customize call settings - configure your preferred call flow parameters. testing
Phone Number Masking API Solution | Plivo
A real-world number masking use case

Jungleworks uses Plivo’s number masking feature to conceal real phone numbers, which means that delivery drivers and customers can communicate safely without compromising their privacy.

Number masking case study
Why do businesses rely on Plivo for number masking?