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SMS Comparison - Messaging API Platform

Receive SMS (on virtual phone numbers)19 countries15 countries
Send SMS190+ countries190+ countries
Local Number75 countries including
US & Canada
Supported including
US & Canada
Toll-Free (US & Canada)
Shortcodes (US & Canada)
Numeric & Alphanumeric sender IDsSupported InternationallySupported Internationally
Send & Recieve MMS (US & Canada)
Local Number
ShortcodesComing SoonUS & Canada
Basic Essentials
Long Message Concatenation
Unicode Characters and Emojis
Message Queuing
Delivery Receipts (DLRs) with delivery failure reason
Delivery Failure AlertsSupported for both outbound &
Supported only for inbound
Unsual Usage Alerts
Automatic Opt-out Handling
Smart Rate LimitingSupported via PowerpackSupported via Copilot
Message Content PurgingMessage content redacted
by default
Requires configuration
Sender ID registrationSelf service via ConsoleManual via support tickets
Destination Number Redaction
Improved Message Delivery(via Powerpack)(via Copilot)
Smart Encoding
Number Pooling
Intelligent Message Encoding
Sticky Sender
Local Match
Advanced Features
Country Level Fraud Prevention
Network Level Fraud Prevention
Detailed Dashboards & ReportingComing Soon

SMS Comparison - Voice API Platform

Receive Calls from PSTN65+ countries55 countries
Make Calls to PSTN190+ countries190+ countries
In-App Calling
All major desktop browsers (using WebRTC)
All major mobile browsers (using WebRTC)Supported, but not recommendedSupported
Numeric & Alphanumeric sender IDsSupported InternationallySupported Internationally
Basic Essentials
Play Audio Prompts (wav, mp3)
Text to SpeechSupported with over 28 accents
across languages
Amazon Polly support with SSML
Dual Channel Call RecordingSupported at no extra cost$0.0025/channel/minute
Encrypted Recording storageSupported at no extra cost$0.0005/min/month
Custom Caller ID
Call Whisper
Voicemail DetectionSupported at no extra cost$0.0075/call
Unsual Usage Alerts
Unsual Usage Alerts
Advanced Features
Low latency Global Conference calls
Warm Transfer
Cold Transfer
Automatic Speech Recognition for IVRs
Real time Call StreamingComing SoonSupported
QueueComing SoonSupported
Call RouterComing SoonSupported
Call Transcription
Smart Encoding
Country Level Fraud Prevention
Network Level Fraud Prevention
Call Insights Supported at no extra cost$0.0025/minute
Call Summary
API AccessComing soon
Embeddable UI KitsComing soon
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