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Customers who migrate from Twilio to Plivo usually save 35%
and more based on geography and volume.

United States
Phone Numbers
Phone Numbers
Local Number (Monthly Rental)$0.5/month$1/month50%
Toll-Free Number (Monthly Rental)$1/month$2/month50%
Short Code (Monthly Rental)$500/month$1000/month50%
SMS - Text Messages
Send via Local Number$0.0050/sms$0.0075/sms33%
Receive via Local NumberFree$0.0075/sms100%
Send via Toll-Free Number$0.0055/sms$0.0075/sms26%
Receive via Toll-Free Number$0.0055/sms$0.0075/sms26%
Send via Short Code$0.0045/sms$0.0075/sms40%
Receive via Short Code$0.0045/sms$0.0075/sms40%
Send via Local Number$0.0160 /mms$0.0200/mms20%
Receive via Local Number$0.0080/mms$0.0100/mms20%
Send via Toll-Free Number$0.0180/mmsNot supported-
Receive via Toll-Free Number$0.0180/mmsNot supported-
Send via Short Code$0.0200$0.0200/mms-
Make Voice Calls to PSTN$0.010/min$0.013/min23%
Receive Voice Calls on a Local Number$0.0055/min$0.0085/min35%
Receive Voice Calls on a Toll-Free Number$0.018/min$0.022/min18%
Make and Receive IP based Calls (In-App WebRTC & SIP)$0.003/min$0.004/min25%
Call RecordingsFree$0.0025/min100%
Call Recordings StorageFree$0.0005/min/month100%
Call Transcription$0.015/min$0.050/min70%
Conference CallsFree$0.0018/min100%
Voicemail DetectionFree$0.0075/min100%
Call Insights - Basic FreeFree-
Call Insights - Premium $0.0025/min$0.0025/min-
Automatic Speech Recognition$0.02/15 sec$0.02/15 sec-
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