Jungleworks Helps On-Demand Delivery Businesses Improve Efficiency and Customer Experience with Plivo SMS

Jungleworks Helps On-Demand Delivery Businesses Improve Efficiency and Customer Experience with Plivo SMS

The on-demand economy continues to grow, and companies like Jungleworks are growing with it. Jungleworks offers a range of applications for businesses in Southeast Asia, including Tookan, a delivery management software toolkit that helps businesses manage dispatch operations, logistics, customer communications, order tracking, billing, and appointment booking on a centralized platform.

Tookan’s route planning software helps businesses save time, money, and energy by letting customers schedule their own deliveries or time slots with service providers, and keeping them informed automatically. The software can auto-assign orders to the nearest available drivers or independent contractors, and its proprietary engine helps plan and execute the routes on their behalf. Use cases include furniture and appliance delivery, food and beverage delivery, consumer services, and medical equipment and supply services.

Partnering with Plivo to enable secure, fast, reliable, and scalable communication

When Tookan first launched, Jungleworks knew that user experience would be a key to its success. The company wanted a communication solution for its marketplace customers that made it easy for consumers and drivers to connect. SMS was the obvious choice, because almost everyone can receive text messages, and sending and receiving messages is instantaneous.

After a shaky start with another SMS communication platform that had an unacceptable level of message delivery failures, Jungleworks switched to Plivo. “We did our research and discovered that Plivo offers high reliability and coverage over both IP and carrier networks in the markets that were most applicable to us, and it required minimal development effort for our team,” says Danish Midha, Lead Procurement Specialist at Jungleworks. “Deliverability increased by as much as 9% compared to our previous provider, so we knew right away that the quality of Plivo’s network was top-notch. We also appreciated the fact that they could navigate the telecoms infrastructure on our behalf. Keeping up with the different SMS rules and regulations by each country is time-consuming and complicated — it is always changing. We are constantly expanding into new markets, and happy to do so now with ease.”

Businesses leveraging Tookan send tens of thousands of SMS messages every month, so the company had to have a reliable messaging platform that offered high deliverability and a full set of reporting tools. Today Tookan uses Plivo for messaging services via programmable SMS, including order notifications, driver notifications, delivery updates, and invoice confirmations.

Real-time customer communications

Jungleworks relies on SMS for coordinating order information, scheduling, reminders, and arrival ETAs. Using Plivo’s SMS API, Jungleworks keeps customers up-to-date with real-time text messages throughout the entire customer journey, from initial scheduling, to tracking the location and movement of drivers, to order fulfillment and invoicing.

“Our customers really like how easy it is to use,” said Midha. “When someone schedules an on-demand service or order to be delivered, the user is sent an SMS within 60 seconds, and they are notified they will receive an update very soon. From there the business instantly pairs with a driver or service provider in the area. Plivo’s technology makes that full-circle communication model easy.”

If drivers or service providers are running late, they can immediately notify customers via SMS. Tookan uses Plivo’s number masking feature to conceal real phone numbers, which means that drivers and customers can communicate safely without compromising their privacy.

Customer experience wins all around

Plivo gives Jungleworks the power and functionality to deliver, measure, and constantly improve customer service on behalf of on-demand businesses. They’ve been able to expand into new markets without any hiccups or disruption to services, and whenever issues have occurred, they’ve been able to resolve them almost immediately thanks to Plivo’s consultative approach to customer support.

“Deploying this new functionality into our application has had a great impact on the services we provide,” says Midha. “Compared to other providers, Plivo has proven to be more economically viable — it’s less expensive than alternative solutions on a per-message basis, and we’re not blindly paying for messages that aren’t being received because Plivo’s network is so reliable. Our favorite aspect is the support and service we receive. The team at Plivo is really responsive and goes out of their way to find a solution to our questions, even if our ask is very technical and complex.”


SMS Notifications

About tookan

JungleWorks is the parent company behind the suite of products that powers the need of on-demand set-up. This tech stack includes Tookan, Yelo, Fugu, Flightmap, Kato and Bulbul. The company’s suite of products is designed to make operation smoother for entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to provide an omnichannel experience to their customers. Their mission is to engineer and maximize mobile ROI.



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After a shaky start with another SMS communication platform that had an unacceptable level of message delivery failures, Jungleworks was looking for a reliable communication solution for its route planning software, Tookan, to make it easy for consumers and drivers to connect.


Plivo’s programmable SMS API for real-time communications across the entire customer journey, including order notifications, driver notifications, delivery updates, and invoice confirmations.


9% increase in deliverability plus cost savings.

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