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Send and receive very high volumes of SMS and MMS messages, as quickly as possible.

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Benefits of a
Short Code
Exclusive brand recognition
Exclusive Brand Recognition
Unlike long code numbers, short codes are not tied to an area code and can be used across a country. Imagine a nationwide exclusive brand identity under one easy-to-remember number.
Improved Deliverability
Improved Deliverability
Short code messaging allows for application-to-person (A2P) use cases like alerts and notifications and offers the best deliverability across the US and Canada.
Higher Throughput & Performance
Highest Throughput and Performance
Send out your messages to customers in a timely manner without worrying about getting blocked or filtered. Default throughput starts at 50 messages per second.
Choice of Vanity Short Codes
Choice of Vanity Short Codes
You can reserve the exclusive use of a unique short code number or phrase for your brand — for example, PLIVO (75486). Vanity short codes are subject to availability.
Getting a short code is easy
Getting a Short Code
with Plivo is Easy
    • Help with acquiring a short code (regular or vanity)
    • Guidance on completing the campaign application with carriers
    • Advice on the campaign approval process to shorten the timeline
    • Regular updates during the process to ensure timely go-live
Industries Using Plivo's Short Codes for SMS Messaging
  • Online Retail
    Improve your engagement with customers by sending SMS text messages using short codes for contests and promotions, and improve customer service and customer loyalty through reward campaigns.
  • Marketing and Media
    Build high-impact marketing campaigns that targets your customers in real time. Some of our customers use short code SMS messages to deliver time-sensitive info such as flight reservation reminders and point-of-sale campaigns.
  • Financial Services
    Enable two-factor authentication via SMS text message using a short code and protect your customers with an additional layer of security for any type of customer transaction, including account activity alerts, money transfers, and bill payments.
Industries use short codes
Industries use short codes
  • Customer Service
    Create the best customer care experience by providing tailored loyalty programs, accelerating support ticket responses, gathering product feedback, and sending timely order notifications, all via SMS text messages directly to the customers’ mobile phones.
  • Transportation and Logistics
    Optimize complex logistics and virtually any process that requires instant communication by using SMS text messages: rideshare coordination, supply chain inventory tracking, order confirmations, shipment delivery, product returns and recalls.
  • Health Care
    Enhance patient experiences and rapport by improving health care communication, reducing appointment no-shows with SMS alerts, delivering time-critical emergency health services, and optimizing public health campaigns.
Pricing Comparison
United States
Number Type Plivo Other Providers Savings
Regular Short Code* $500/month $1,000/month 50%
Vanity Short Code* $1,000/month $1,500/month 33%
Outbound SMS** $0.0045/sms $0.0075/sms 40%
Inbound SMS** $0.0045/sms $0.0075/sms 40%
*All short codes are billed quarterly ** Additional carrier charges apply on some networks
Number Type Plivo Other Providers Savings
Regular Short Code* $700/month $1,000 /month 30%
Vanity Short Code* $700/month $1,000/month 30%
Outbound SMS** $0.0250/sms $0.0300/sms 17%
Inbound SMS** $0.0050/sms $0.0050/sms -
*All short codes are billed quarterly ** Additional carrier charges apply on some networks