Guide to Plivo’s Premium Communications Network

Guide to Plivo’s Premium Communications Network

Plivo’s Premium Communications Network

No other cloud communication platform can match Plivo’s Premium Communications Network (PCN), because it’s taken us 10 years to build it through the careful addition of Tier 1 carrier networks all across the globe. It’s a key competitive advantage that allows Plivo customers to take advantage of a network that delivers high call quality and message deliverability.

A global carrier network

Plivo’s PCN serves a worldwide audience of voice and messaging customers — we have direct relationships with more than 1,600+ carrier networks and connectivity in 190+ countries. Our strict evaluation process approves only carriers that meet the highest industry standards. To ensure top performance for customers in every region, we’ve established seven points of presence (PoP) that correspond to internet exchange points (IXP) in every region around the globe. That means calls outside the local region are routed to their destinations with minimal latency, ensuring maximum voice quality.

Built for reliability

Top performance demands top reliability. We connect with at least two local or Tier 1 direct carriers in each country so we can eliminate multiple hops, lower the overhead of routing, reduce latency, and give our customers the best connections possible. Having multiple carrier connections also gives our customers built-in redundancy to ensure that, in the event of a carrier failure, all voice traffic is automatically routed through alternative carriers to minimize service disruption and quality degradation.

Our PCN delivers a number of practical benefits for our customers, including guaranteed CLI (caller ID) and instant phone number provisioning in every country. Because Plivo manages carrier relationships for our customers, we have a complete end-to-end view of every connection, so we can identify issues and work with carriers to get problems solved, sometimes before our customers even know something went wrong.

Learn more about all the benefits in our free ebook Premium Communications Network: Simplified Cloud-Based Telecom Carrier Infrastructure. You’ll see why no other CPaaS can match our infrastructure.

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