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Plivo’s Premium Carrier Network

Carrier network connectivity and reliability are essential ingredients for a high-quality communications platform. Voice clarity, latency, and SMS delivery rates all depend on not only how the platform is connected with the carriers that help deliver calls or text messages, but also what carriers are connected.

Plivo works directly with in-country, Tier-1 carriers with direct interconnectivity to local telecom network operators in over 100 countries. These relationships enable our customers to make calls and send SMS to every country in the world without routing dilution or route blending. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible connections worldwide.

Plivo carrier network also offers the following additional advantages:

  • High Carrier Quality
  • No Route Blending
  • Carrier Redundancy
  • High SMS Deliverability
  • Low Latency & Clear Calls
  • Scalability
  • Guaranteed CLI
  • Instant Phone Number Provisioning
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