Getting Started with Phone Number Regulatory Compliance in the Plivo Console

  • 03 Nov 2020

Today we are excited to announce that we’ve recently made number provisioning much easier in regulated countries, so that customers can provide any compliance requirements directly in the Plivo Console, and all through a single workflow. Users will also be able to track their compliance status within their Console, and stay informed on the progress of the application in real-time, without needing to check in via email.

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Provisioning regulated phone numbers means following local requirements that differ by country or territory and may vary for citizens, foreign individuals or businesses. To prevent national threats, spam and fraud, and to generally protect phone numbers as resources, telecom regulators want to know the end-user who is answering voice calls or receiving messages.

You must provide the necessary regulatory information and supporting documentation for your numbers in regulated geographies or your numbers are at risk of being disconnected by regulators or carriers. If you own numbers in multiple countries, you will likely need separate documentation for each country. For some countries, requirements also differ by phone number type – whether it is a national, local, mobile or toll-free number. And some countries also have proof of address requirements. In short, it can get complicated, to make sure you are meeting all the necessary requirements.

By making available in Plivo Console, we’re making the process much easier. With 65 supported countries, Plivo offers one of the broadest reach of virtual phone numbers from across the globe. You can use the Plivo Console today to purchase and use phone numbers legally so that your phone numbers are not at risk of getting revoked, and so you can operate your business’ communications locally. Furthermore, you can upload documentation (e.g. a utility bill for proof of address) and easily reuse them when creating a Compliance Application for a new region or country.

How Do I Get Started?

1) In the Plivo Console, navigate to the Phone Number section and search for the phone number of your choice. Upon selecting a phone number, the compliance requirements of a phone number will be displayed under the “Regulatory Information” section. If the “Regulatory Information” section is not present, then the phone number has no regulatory requirements and will be available for use instantly.

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2) After you’ve reviewed the corresponding regulatory information required, you can continue on to create a Compliance Application. First you’ll select the “End-User Type,” and then you’ll need to assign a Compliance Application to the phone number. Existing Compliance Applications will already be listed in the drop-down, and alternatively, you can choose to create a new Compliance Application by clicking on “Add New.”

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3) Once you’ve created a new Compliance Application, you’ll be able to submit the relevant documents and save for future use. Upon submitting, you’ll be navigated back to the phone number rental flow where you can map the newly created Compliance Application to the corresponding phone number.

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4) The phone number will then be reflected in a Status Dashboard. In this case, it will be “In Review.” Now you’ll wait for Plivo to review the Application, which could take up to 2 business days. Our team will check to make sure everything you provided satisfies local regulators’ compliance guidelines. You can directly view the approval status of any phone numbers on the left side-panel of the Phone Numbers section, under “Pending.”

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Plivo Makes Phone Number Provisioning A Whole Lot Easier

Countries are taking important steps to protect their citizens from fraud, spam, and general communications annoyance, and we want to be your partner as you navigate the regulatory requirements for all of the countries where you own a phone number. We’re eager to help you get your numbers into compliance, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our stellar support teams for any issues with the process! Our API documentation should also address any of your immediate questions and concerns.

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