Announcing Microsoft Flow Integration

We are excited to announce the launch of the Plivo connector for Microsoft Flow. It is now available as a premium connector which can be used in your flows to send text messages and place calls. With this connector in public, you can now integrate Plivo with 200+ connectors including the Office and Azure product suites.

This announcement is the second of the several integration announcements we plan to make this year. Last month, we have released our integration with Integromat which lets you use Plivo’s capabilities in your Integromat scenarios.

Getting started

Here’s what you will need to start using the Plivo connector:

  1. A Plivo account
  2. A paid or trial Microsoft Flow account where you can use premium connectors.

Supported actions

You can perform the following actions on Microsoft Flow that are powered by Plivo.

  1. Get message: Fetch details of a message, given the message UUID
  2. List messages: Get a list of all messages associated with your Plivo account
  3. Make a Call: Make a call by specifying the source, destination, and the answer URL
  4. Send SMS: Send a text message by specifying the source, destination, and the message

Note: If you are using a Plivo trial account, you can send messages and make calls only to verified sandboxed numbers.

Sample use cases that can be built

While there are a large number of possibilities, here are a few sample workflows that you can build using this integration:

  1. Get SMS notifications on your phone number
  2. Send SMS reminders & alerts to your customers
  3. Send SMS and voice OTPs to verify your users
  4. Call conferences and other complex outbound call flows as you can specify the answer URL of your choice
  5. And many more!

A few more details

  1. There is a restriction by Microsoft on the number of API calls per connection that can be made using this connector. Currently, the limit is 100 API calls per connection with a renewal period of 60 seconds.

Report any feedback or problems with this integration by contacting the Plivo Support team at You can checkout all our integrations by visiting

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