Microsoft Power Automate

    To start using the Plivo connector with Microsoft Power Automate, you need:

    Supported triggers

    This connector doesn’t have any triggers.

    Supported actions

    You can perform these Plivo-powered actions on Microsoft Power Automate:

    • Get message: Fetch details of a message, given the message UUID
    • List messages: Get a list of all messages associated with your Plivo account
    • Make a call: Make a call by specifying the source, destination, and answer URL
    • Send SMS: Send a text message by specifying the source, destination, and message

    If you’re using a Plivo trial account, you can send messages and make calls only to verified sandboxed numbers.

    Sample use cases

    Here are a few sample workflows that you can build using this integration:

    • Get SMS notifications on your phone number
    • Send SMS reminders and alerts to your customers
    • Send SMS and voice OTPs to verify your users
    • Create conference calls and complex outbound call flows

    A few more details

    • Microsoft restricts the number of API calls to 100 per connection per 60 seconds.

    Report any feedback or problems with this integration by contacting the Plivo support team.