AgileCRM SMS Integration for Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing campaigns have become a growing trend and a new avenue for marketers to target and engage customers. This channel has become one of the most powerful consumer touch-points because of its ability to increase customer retention and long-term loyalty through message personalization. Not only can marketers target users based on customer demographic, they can also provide unique product offerings based on location and in-app behavior. By running mobile campaigns using a marketing automation tool like Agile CRM along with a SMS API provider like Plivo, marketers can build powerful behavior-based SMS campaigns that help engage customers on a more contextual level.

AgileCRM SMS Mobile Marketing Integration

To get you started, our friends at Agile CRM have put together documentation to show you how to automate, schedule, personalize and customer SMS sender IDs for SMS campaigns using Plivo and Agile CRM.

Click here to check out the Plivo-Agile CRM SMS Integration

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