Introducing Plivo Rate Limiting and Message Queueing

Plivo now supports rate limiting and message queuing for outbound SMS — an intelligent queuing system that keeps you compliant by managing your messaging traffic based on local in-country regulations and best practices.

Many of our customers’ businesses require sending messages in bulk to customers and prospects. SMS messaging has been subjected to scrutiny in recent times due to potential spamming. Operators and regulatory bodies around the world have begun defining a preset limit on the number of messages that businesses can send out per minute from a given number. The business impact of this rate limiting ranges from reduced customer reach to poor delivery rates to potential blocking of service for noncompliance.

Plivo’s messaging platform solves this problem by delivering your messages to downstream operators based on the type of source number used and the destination country. We maintain a dedicated queue for each of your source numbers.

If you need to send messages using Plivo SMS API to a specific destination country at a throughput greater than what is available from a single source number, you can increase your overall capacity by simply distributing your traffic across a pool of Plivo numbers. The combination of Plivo smart queue together with the availability of a pool of number means that you achieve the throughput required for your business while staying within the recommended per-number rate limits.

We’ve written an article in our support portal that shows throttling limits for source number types and destination countries, and answers some frequently asked questions about message queuing and rate limits.

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