Journey since Plivo Cloud Launch

It’s almost a month since we launched Plivo cloud - an API platform to build voice and SMS applications that scales like a charm. It’s been both exciting and hectic since then. Exciting because we acquired a bunch of new customers from our launch; hectic because we acquired a bunch of new customers from launch :) To be honest, we didn’t even find time to announce the launch in our blog until now! But, we are already on our way to announce the next big feature launch. If you are curious about the details, you can check out the comprehensive TechCruch coverage on Plivo cloud 

Plivo is for cloud telephony as Amazon is for hosting 

Cloud telephony is not about buying minutes from carriers, marking it up and selling those. That’s just good old reselling. It is about providing solutions for infrastructure woes. Plivo cloud does exactly that. We let businesses offload their telephony infrastructure hassle to us without having to worry about scaling issues ever. You can scale up as you grow and we manage it all for you. Many people still compare us to Twilio, which is fare, but we built a Twilio Alternative page to make some direct comparisons.

Why SIP support?

Today, majority of the IP based telephony infrastructure is based on standards like SIP. We interoperate with SIP seamlessly to help all these businesses transition easily to our cloud. The move is so easy, you can continue to focus on your business without having to worry about it.

Choice to bring your own voice carrier

Plivo has relationship with carriers worldwide and we offer a standard bundled option. Our pricing is volume based right from the start and it gets cheaper as you start doing 200,000 or more minutes per month. The best part is when we scale as a business our costs go down too and we pass on the goodness to you.

Incase you already have built a relationship with a voice carrier, there’s no need to let go of that or get locked with our carriers. With Plivo, you have the flexibility to stick with yours. Use your devices; use your voice carrier. Just get rid of your hardware infrastructure and move to the cloud. There’s absolutely no penalty for moving!

Plivo today

Till sometime back Plivo was available as invite-only. Today, it is open to all and we have handled 20+ million minutes so far. Currently we have local phone numbers, inbound/outbound SMS and international calling for the US & Canada.

The launch day is a big day. But, the launch by itself becomes significant when we achieve our bigger vision of making an impact in the telephony space. Our customers are already feeling the difference and we are constantly working towards creating the bigger impact. 

If you want to discuss how Plivo can help your business or if you want to work with us or if you just want to say a hi because you love our platform, shoot a mail to We’d love to have a conversation with you. We also made is easy to switch to Plivo. If you still need a reason to use Plivo, just visit our Twilio Alternative page and make your comparisons.

Lately, we've also been interviewed by some media outlets (including Techcrunch!) and our customers have been saying great things about our services! We can't wait to show you what we're working on next!

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