Introducing MMS — Multimedia Messaging Across the US and Canada

Mar 4, 2020
Introducing MMS — Multimedia Messaging Across the US and Canada

You can now send and receive MMS messages in the United States and Canada on all MMS-enabled Plivo long code phone numbers. With Plivo MMS, businesses now have a new channel to use to communicate with their customers, and the ability to create engaging visual experiences with pictures, audio, and video.

Our early MMS customers are using the new feature in several ways:

  • Marketing campaigns: To improve open rates for marketing campaigns using rich media such as pictures and videos.
  • Last-mile logistics: To identify personal information and shipping details using pictures and videos shared during delivery.
  • Collecting account information: To collect account-related information such as pictures and receipts using MMS.

Sending and receiving MMS messages

Sending and receiving MMS messages is like sending and receiving regular text messages on the Plivo platform. You can make a POST request to the message resource URL or an API request to specify the image link in the Media URL parameter.

Sending and Recieving MMS Messages

For more information, check out our API reference documentation.

Our MMS API includes many powerful features:

  • Multiple sender types
    Send and receive MMS using any number type (long code, toll-free, short code) across the US and Canada.
  • Variety of formats
    Support for pictures (JPEGs and GIFs), emojis, audio (MP3), and video (MP4) files.
  • Built-in multimedia storage
    Plivo provides built-in multimedia storage for both inbound and outbound MMS messaging so you can access and reuse media.
  • Intelligent picture resizing (coming soon)
    The MMS API intelligently resizes images to meet carrier guidelines and to ensure delivery across different carrier networks.
  • Automatic MMS converter (coming soon)
    Automatic conversion of multimedia messages into SMS messages when sending messages to MMS-incompatible phone numbers to ensure better deliverability.

With our server SDKs and ready-to-use code samples, it’s simple to incorporate sending MMS message in your applications.

MMS is available for the US and Canada on long code phone numbers, and US short codes and toll-free numbers are both on the roadmap. Pay-as-you-go pricing for the US starts at $0.016 to send and $0.008 to receive, with volume discounts on committed spend as you scale your usage.

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