Lessons in CPaaS Leadership: Feature Parity Empowers Twilio Migration

Aug 2, 2021
Lessons in CPaaS Leadership: Feature Parity Empowers Twilio Migration

Like the monarch butterflies and their annual flight to Mexico, the Twilio migration is one of nature’s miracles. Every year hundreds of organizations, seeking improvements in their cloud communications software, move from Twilio to greener pastures in places like Plivo. And while many butterflies die of exhaustion or are eaten by birds on their journeys, few business professionals meet the same fate when they migrate from Twilio to Plivo. That’s because Plivo makes the process simple, with feature parity and similar APIs between the two platforms.

One of the lessons we’ve learned in more than 10 years of business is that to be a top alternative to Twilio, we need to offer customers feature parity. Everything you can do in Twilio you can do in Plivo — but we offer more than that.

Twilio can’t match our reliability, call quality, and pricing. Plivo is easier to use, has a wider global reach, and offers better tech support. We’ve written a Twilio migration guide that looks at the common issues that arise when organizations begin to question whether they could improve on their Twilio service, and addresses worries some organizations have about migrating.

One of the biggest challenges with any platform migration is the question of compatibility. No one wants to shred developer-years of work for incremental improvements. Fortunately, Plivo makes things easy. We’ve written a technical guide to migrating from Twilio to Plivo. It shows how similar the two companies’ API structures, implementation mechanisms, XML structure, SMS message processing, and voice call processing are. Read it to see a side-by-side comparison of the two platforms’ specific features and APIs, and code snippets that show the exact code you’d use with each platform to send and receive SMS messages and make and receive voice calls.

Anything you use Twilio for, you can do in Plivo: two-factor authentication (2FA), appointment reminders, account alerts, order notifications, SMS campaigns, click to call, call forwarding, call tracking, IVRs, and call routing. Dare we say anything they can do, we can do better?

If you’re not completely satisfied with Twilio, you don’t have to rip it out and replace it. You can put Plivo in a pilot program for a single use case and see how it seems. If you’re satisfied, you can switch over, or you can use Plivo in parallel with Twilio, or as a backup alternative in case your primary provider experiences downtime.

Either way, you owe it to yourself to explore your alternative. Download the guide, then sign up for a free trial account today and get started.

By the way, we have more Lessons in CPaaS Leadership blog posts: Find out why reliability, a strong carrier network, and consultative customer support make Plivo stand out among cloud communications platforms.

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