Announcing New Partnership with RCDevs Security Solutions

Apr 1, 2015
Announcing New Partnership with RCDevs Security Solutions

We’re pleased to announce a partnership with RCDevs to bring strong SMS authentication solutions to businesses of all sizes. RCDevs is an award-winning security company that specializes in cost-effective enterprise security solutions including two-factor authentication, identity and access management, secure transactions and electronic signatures, and corporate cloud security. Like Plivo, RCDevs believes that high-quality cloud solutions should be accessible to businesses of all sizes. Going forward, we’ll continue to work together to bring strong and affordable authentication technology to customers around the world.

RCDevs’ OpenOTP technology is natively integrated with Plivo’s SMS API to bring reliable one-time password solutions to customers at a low cost. This new integration connects RCDevs’ strong authentication solution with Plivo’s worldwide Tier 1 network. Now, RCDevs customers can reliably and securely deliver one-time passwords through SMS text messages to anyone in the world. The combined solution is easy to set up, reliable, and cost-effective, and with Plivo’s intelligent queuing system, OpenOTP can scale from SMBs to large global enterprises.

“We’re excited to be partnering with RCDevs,” says Venky B., CEO and co-founder of Plivo. “RCDev’s two-factor authentication solutions are already used by global IT, financial, and health care enterprises, and this partnership will help deliver OpenOTP to even more users around the world.”

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