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The Recording object


add_time string

The datetime string on which the recording was created on the account.

call_uuid string

The identifier of the call that was recorded.

conference_name string

The name of the conference that was recorded. If it was not a conference, then the value will be null.

recordingdurationms string

The duration of the recording in milliseconds.

recording_format string

The format of the recording file.

Allowed values: wav, mp3

recording_id string

The ID of the recording.

recording_type string

The type of call on which the recording was made.

Allowed values: conference (a conference call), normal (a regular call)

recording_url string

The URL where the recording can be accessed


  "add_time": "2020-08-05 16:15:15.852059+05:30",
  "api_id": "7abf0744-1ca0-11e4-a2d1-22000ac5040c",
  "call_uuid": "c2c128e2-1c8c-11e4-9bff-1db8a9db0432",
  "conference_name": "noname",
  "recording_duration_ms": "345100.00000", // duration in milliseconds
  "recording_end_ms": "1407235509007.00000", // milliseconds since epoch
  "recording_format": "mp3",
  "recording_id": "c2186400-1c8c-11e4-a664-0026b945b52x",
  "recording_start_ms": "1407235163907.00000", // milliseconds since epoch
  "recording_type": "conference",
  "recording_url": "",
  "resource_uri": "/v1/Account/MA2025RK4E639VJFZAGV/Recording/c2186400-1c8c-11e4-a664-0026b945b52x/"