Below are some of the key features supported in the Plivo Voice API Platform.

    Call Queueing

    Make multiple calls in a single API request. We handle call queueing for you so you don’t have to worry about building the workflow yourself. By default, all your calls get queued on the Plivo Platform in sequential order, and are initiated according to the CPS (calls per second) set for your account.

    Global Conference Calling

    Integrate multi-party calls and audio conferencing into your apps, or build advanced contact center functionality. Plivo provides conference APIs, conference XML, and multi-party calls using PHLO’s wide array of features that help you integrate your contact center and calls from anywhere across the globe.

    Text to Speech

    Speak dynamic text in 28 accents across various languages. Choose from an array of SSML voices powered by Amazon Polly.

    Play Audio Prompts

    Play pre-recorded audio files at any time during a call. Create prompts, announcements, or music on hold.

    Dual-Channel Call Recording

    Record, store, and retrieve your calls at any time. Recordings are dual-channel by default and stored encrypted.

    Get Digit Input (DTMF)

    Collect digits from the user’s keypad during a call and control your call flow based on those inputs.

    Speech Recognition

    Build intelligent voice-driven interactions including conversational IVR, form fills and more. Automatically recognize speech as text on your voice calls in real time.

    Answering Machine Detection

    Detect if an outbound voice call was answered by a human or an answering machine. Define the call flow further by leaving a voicemail message if answered by an answering machine and connecting the call to agent if answered by an actual user.

    Voicemail Transcription

    Never listen to another voicemail. Our premium voicemail transcriptions are real-time, higher quality, and very accurate. You can transcribe voicemail messages up to 4 hours / file size smaller than 2GB.

    Custom Caller ID

    Improve connect rates with your outbound calls. Set a custom caller ID number that you’d like to show up on the end-users’ phone.