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    What is Number Lookup?

    Lookup allows you to obtain information about phone numbers. With Lookup, you can identify local number formats and reduce the likelihood of undelivered messages. Please check the below prerequisites to get started with the Lookup API.

    • Sign up for a Plivo trial account.
    • You can send a lookup API request using Curl or use one of our SDKs.
    • Have a number you want to look up for.

    Looking Up a Number

    Plivo provides a simple API that allows you to lookup a phone number. Lookup requests cost $0.004 per request. It allows you to identify phone number types (mobile, fixed, or VoIP) and also the service provider of the phone number, including ported numbers(portability information limited to the US and CA).


    curl -i --user auth_id:auth_token \{PhoneNumber}?type=carrier