Call Status

    The status of a call on Plivo is sent to the request URLs under the CallStatus key. Decisions can be made by your app to process a call based on this status.

    Plivo will send one of the following values under the CallStatus parameter:

    List of CallStatus values

    in-progress string

    The call has been answered and is currently in progress. Calls under this status can be explicitly terminated using the Hangup API.

    completed string

    The call has been completed. Its either terminated using the Hangup API or ended by one of the parties in the call.

    ringing string

    The call is currently ringing. This status is sent to the Ring URL.

    no-answer string

    The call hasn't been answered by the callee. Your application must have the logic to parse this parameter and take actions based on this.

    busy string

    The callee is busy on a different call. You should retry after sometime.

    cancel string

    The call has been canceled by the caller

    timeout string

    There was a time out while connecting your call. This is either an issue with one of the terminating carriers or network lag in our system.