The Endpoint object


    alias string

    Alias for the endpoint.

    application string

    URI of the application attached to the end point.

    endpoint_id string

    Unique ID for the endpoint. All endpoint API operations are performed using this identifier.

    password string

    Password for the endpoint username. It should be at least five characters long.

    resource_uri string

    URI of the endpoint object.

    sip_registered string

    Set to true if the SIP endpoint is registered on a SIP client.

    Defaults to false.

    sip_uri string

    SIP URI of the endpoint. External users will be able to call this endpoint on this SIP URI.

    sub_account string

    Subaccount to which the endpoint is linked. null if it’s not linked to any subaccount.

    username string

    Username for the endpoint. Only alphanumeric characters are accepted.


      "alias": "callme",
      "application": "/v1/Account/MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/Application/33406267401237901/",
      "endpoint_id": "32866729519064",
      "resource_uri": "/v1/Account/MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/Endpoint/32866729519064/",
      "sip_contact": "sip:callme140703093224@;ob",
      "sip_expires": "2021-07-21 19:26:08", // Format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss Timezone: UTC
      "sip_registered": "true",
      "sip_uri": "",
      "sip_user_agent": "Telephone 1.1.4",
      "sub_account": null,
      "username": "callme140703093944"