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The Message Element

The Message element is used to send a message during your call flow. For instance, if you want to send out an SMS notification when you receive an incoming call on your Plivo number, you would use the <Message> XML in your application.

To receive a message, you must set a message URL in your Plivo application via the API or in the Applications tab from the Dashboard.


The attributes supported by the Messsage element are listed below. The default behavior of each attribute can be modified using the allowed values.

src string

Source Number. For eg.1202322222

Allowed values - Must be a purchased, valid number.

dst string

Destination Number. Can be bulk numbers delimited by <. For eg.1203443444<1203345564

Allowed values - Must be a valid number.

type string

Type of the message. For eg. sms

Allowed values - sms

callbackUrl string

URL that is notified by Plivo when a response is available and to which the response is sent. (Delivery reports)

Allowed values - a fully qualified URL

callbackMethod string

The method used to notify the callbackUrl.

Allowed values - GET, POST. Defaults to POST.