Add a toll-free number to a Powerpack

Combining toll-free numbers in the Powerpack helps in two major ways.

  1. Run multiregion message business campaigns: Toll-free numbers support delivery at a larger scale. Combining this scaling capability with Powerpack gives you increased availability and high-scale deliverability.
  2. Reach networks not supported by your toll-free numbers: Even though toll-free numbers can reach most destination networks, there might be some networks that don’t support them. In these instances, Powerpack intelligently falls back to using other numbers in the pool.

For example: If you send messages to destination networks C1 and C2 using Powerpack, but C2 doesn’t support toll-free numbers, Powerpack will use other numbers in the pool to send messages to the C2 network and short code numbers to reach customers in C1.

To use toll-free numbers with Powerpack:

  • To add a toll-free number to your Powerpack, go to the Powerpack page in the console and add a toll-free number.
  • You may add only one toll-free number to a Powerpack.
  • Once you’ve added a toll-free number to your Powerpack, Plivo will use that number to send an outbound message if the destination network and country support toll-free messaging. Otherwise, Powerpack will fall back to using other numbers in the number pool.