Local Connect

Local Connect is designed to make message communication personal. It ensures that messages get sent using a local phone number with the same area code or regional prefix as the destination number.

How Region-Based Source Number Resolution Works in Local Connect


Let’s look at an example of how this works. Suppose you’re sending an SMS/MMS message to a San Francisco number beginning with area code 415:

  • If a phone number with prefix 415 is present in the number pool, Powerpack will use it to send the outbound SMS/MMS.
  • If a phone number with a 415 prefix is not found in the number pool, or if all the phone numbers with 415 prefixes in the pool have already been used to recommended capacity (150 messages/day), Powerpack will deliver the message through any other phone number of the same region as the destination number (in this case, California).
  • If no phone numbers of the same region are found in the Powerpack, the message will be sent via a random US phone number.
  • If no US phone numbers are found in the pool, the message will be sent via a Canadian number.