Product features

  1. Number pool — Powerpack intelligently distributes your outbound message traffic over a pool of source numbers optimal for your overall message volumes. It takes only a few seconds to set up a pool of source numbers that’s just right for your message volume.
  2. High deliverability — Powerpack provides high deliverability by intelligently managing your numbers. Powerpack provides intelligent load management and eliminates any single point failure.
  3. Regulatory compliance — Messaging regulatory compliance varies not only by number type but often by location. Powerpack builds in a consolidated set of compliance controls that enhance deliverability and throughput.
  4. Sticky Sender — If you wish to contact the same subscriber more than once, Powerpack can help maintain a single conversation thread by always sending messages to the subscriber from the same source number in the pool.
  5. Local Connect — Continuing to personalize your message communication, Local Connect prioritizes phone numbers in the pool that match the region and/or area code of the subscriber.
  6. Automatic fallback — You can enable automatic fallback by adding Plivo toll-free or short code numbers to your Powerpacks. Toll-free and short code numbers are better options than long codes for application-to-person (A2P) messages sent at high scale. Powerpack can switch from one number type to another without any delivery loss.