WhatsApp Business Account Onboarding

Once you have fulfilled the necessary prerequisites, create a WABA from within Plivo Console via Meta’s Embedded Signup flow. As a part of this flow, you will:

  • Register your business phone number to the WABA you are creating. The phone number that you wish to register should be able to receive a one-time password (OTP) sent via text message or a voice call. You can send messages to your customers using this number and the same number will be visible to them on WhatsApp. You can rent a phone number from Plivo (in the countries where Plivo offers this option) or you can bring your own number. For more information, visit Meta’s guidelines for business phone numbers. If you have registered a number with a different WhatsApp solution provider, you can migrate that number under the new WABA you create with Plivo. Detailed requirements for this migration are listed here.
  • Set your WhatsApp display name. Review display name guidelines here
  • Providing necessary permissions to Plivo to function as your WhatsApp solutions partner.

You do not need to worry about adding a payment method to your WABA as Plivo will manage this and you will only be billed on Plivo’s platform.

The detailed explanation of embedded sign up is explained here.

If you don’t see this menu, your account is not enabled for WhatsApp. Contact Plivo support or your customer success manager to resolve this issue.