DND Service

    This document provides an overview of Plivo’s DND feature for the US long codes and toll-free numbers. For US shortcodes, customers are expected to manage opt-out blocklists on their end. Learn more about managing opt-in for shortcodes here.

    For Longcode Numbers

    Plivo’s DND feature will stop outbound messages from a specific Plivo number (SRC) to a specific number (DST) when the DST responds with keywords starting with STOP. For example, if Number A sends an inbound message with any of the keywords listed below to Plivo Number B, then any outbound messages from Number B to Number A will be blocked for a period of three months.

    Keywords to opt-out

    • STOP
    • END,
    • QUIT,
    • CANCEL,
    • UNSUB &
    • STOP ALL
    Note: STOP with trailing spaces and new line characters also triggers the DND block.

    HELP/INFO Keywords

    Plivo sends automatic messages to end-users who send HELP/INFO keywords in the inbound message. These automated messages read:

    "Text "STOP" to stop receiving any messages from this number. Text "START" to start receiving messages again 
    from this number."

    OPT-IN Feature

    To opt back in to receive messages from a blocked number (SRC- Plivo DID), the number which has replied with STOP must send one of the following keywords.

    Keywords to opt-in

    • START,
    • YES,
    • RESUME,
    • UNSTOP, &
    • GO

    Once the number replies with any of the above keywords, it can receive SMS from the Plivo number which was blocked.

    For Toll-Free Numbers

    Keywords to opt-out

    • “STOP”
    • “Stop”
    • “stop”
    • “STop”

    Invalid opt-out examples

    • “Hey, can you stop texting me?”
    • “Stop it!”

    The opt-out confirmation message returned to a consumer is generic and provides instructions on how to opt back into service again with the message sender’s phone number.

    Opt-out confirmation message

    The network message reads as follows:

    “You replied with the word "STOP" which blocks all texts sent from this number. Text back "UNSTOP" to receive 
    messages again.” 

    Opt-In Key Words & Messages

    A consumer can opt back in at any time to receive messages by texting the keyword “UNSTOP” to a message sender’s phone number. The keyword is not case sensitive and triggers opt-in only when sent as a single word with no punctuation or leading spaces (any trailing spaces are trimmed). If the consumer uses the opt-in keyword within a sentence, the opt-in is not triggered.

    Keywords to opt-in

    • “UNSTOP”
    • “Unstop”
    • “unstop”
    • “UNStop”

    Invalid opt-in examples

    • “Hey can you enable me again”
    • “Unstop me!”

    The message returned to a consumer is generic and informs the consumer they can start two-way texting with the message sender’s phone number again.

    Message text

    The network message reads as follows:

    “You have replied "unstop" and will begin receiving messages again from this number.”