Number Pool Numbers


    number_pool_uuidUnique identifier for the Number Pool.
    typeThe type of number. One of: fixed, mobile, toll-free.
    serviceThe service capability of number. One of: sms, mms.
    country_iso2The ISO2 code of the country associated with the number.
    added_onTimestamp in ISO 8601 format.
    account_phone_number_resourceAccount phone number resource URI.

    Example Object

        "account_phone_number_resource": "/v1/Account/{auth_id}/Number/{your_number}/",
        "added_on": "2019-10-09T11:10:59.741978Z",
        "country_iso2": "US",
        "number": "{your_number}",
        "number_pool_uuid": "{number_pool_uuid}",
        "type": "fixed"