Compliance Application


    Regulatory requirements for phone numbers can be complex and time-consuming. With “Compliance Applications” our aim is to simplify the entire process for our customers. From submitting documents for review to activating regulated phone numbers, Compliance Applications helps users to:

    • Get clear visibility into the information/documents required prior to use of a regulated phone number.
    • Reuse already submitted documents to ensure compliance across multiple countries.
    • Create multiple collections of documents for different end-users.
    • Associate collections of documents to a phone number to ensure compliance in the region.

    Compliance Application is a logical grouping of documents required for ensuring compliance for a unique combination of phone number country, number type and end-user type. A user can choose to create a Compliance Application during the phone number rent process or create one independently on the new Compliance Application screen on console.

    Creating a new Compliance Application

    • Navigate to the Compliance Application screen on Console Compliance Application Screen

    • Click on “Add New Application” to open the Compliance Application creation modal

      New Compliance Application

    • Step1: Enter the attributes of the Compliance Application:
      • Compliance Application Name: A friendly name to help associate this Compliance Application to regulated phone numbers for activation.
      • Phone Number Information: Information about the country and type of phone number this Compliance Application will be used for.
      • End-User Type: Information regarding the type of end-user who will be using this phone number.
    • Step 2: Once you have entered the attributes and clicked on “Continue”, you will be asked to enter the documents required based on the information entered in Step 1. On this page, for each requirement you can first select the type of documents you want to provide. For example, for “Personal ID” you can either provide a valid passport or a driver’s license. Once you select the type of documents you want to provide, you can either use an already existing document of that type which you created as part of another compliance application or you can create a new one.
      Note: Please note that compliance requirements in some countries mandate that the information provided be from the same country/region. This requirement, wherever applicable, is also made available on the Document Collection screen.

      Upload Supporting Docs

    • Once all the information has been entered, please click on “Submit Application”. Once the application is submitted, it goes into a “Submitted” state and is then picked up by our internal teams for a review. In case you don’t have all the required documents handy at that point in time, you can always click on “Cancel” to close the Application creation modal as all the information entered by you is stored as “Draft” at each step of the Application creation. You can update any Application in “Draft” status at any point of time and submit it for review.

    Compliance Application Review process

    All Compliance Applications go through a review process to ensure that the information and the documents provided are in accordance with the compliance requirements in the region.

    The review process starts when a Compliance Application is submitted. The different statuses an Application goes through in its review process are:

    • Draft: Compliance Application which is in the process of being created. At this point in time, the review process has not been started by internal teams.
    • Submitted: Once all the required information has been entered and submitted. Once submitted, internal teams start the review process. Compliance Application cannot be edited or deleted while undergoing review.
      Note: An application undergoing review **can be **associated with a phone number. The subsequent activation of the phone number will be subject to the Compliance Application being “Accepted” post review.
    • Accepted: After submission and the subsequent review by internal teams, the Application is marked “Accepted” if all the information provided is correct and in accordance with the regional regulations. An email notification of acceptance will be sent to the registered email address.
    • Rejected: If the information provided does not match the regulatory requirements, the Application will be rejected. An email notification with the reason for rejection will be sent to the registered email address.

    Updating an existing Compliance Application

    The documents provided in a Compliance Application can be modified when the Application is in either “Draft” or “Rejected” state.To update the Application:

    • Please navigate to the “Compliance Application” screen on your console.
    • Click on the Compliance Application you want to update. You can also use the filters provided to search for a Compliance Application.
    • Make the required changes and submit the Compliance Application to start the review process

    Delete an existing Compliance Application

    A Compliance Application can be deleted if it is in “Draft”, “Rejected” or “Accepted” status. To delete the Application:

    • Please navigate to the “Compliance Application” screen on your console.
    • Click on the delete icon on the far right column against the Compliance Application you wish to delete.
    • “Confirm” the delete on the delete confirmation pop-up to delete the compliance application.

      Note: An “Accepted” Compliance Application cannot be deleted if it is associated with a phone number. To delete such an application, please unrent the phone number from your account before proceeding with the delete.