A Phone Number is required to receive calls. You can buy a Plivo phone number in over 60+ countries from the Buy Numbers section on your Plivo Console. For more information on the Voice API coverage page for all the supported countries.

    Buying a Phone Number

    To buy a phone number

    1. Log in to your Plivo Console.
    2. On the top navigation bar, click Phone Number. The Numbers page will appear.
    3. Click Buy New Number. Buy New Number

    4. Search for all available Phone Numbers using the filters provided on the Search & Buy Phone Numbers page. A list of all available phone numbers will appear.

      Note: Make sure you filter the Phone Numbers based on the features you wish to use, for example, Voice or SMS.

      Search Number

    5. Click Buy Number against the Phone Number of your choice, in the Action column. Buy Number

    6. On the Buy Number screen, click Buy Number. Buy Number Screen

    The number will be added to your account. Monthly fee for the current month will be deducted from the remaining credits in your account. For more information on the fees associated to Phone Numbers, see the Phone Number Fees section.

    Phone Number Fees

    Phone numbers are charged based on the following fees:

    • Setup fee: This is a one-time fee charged at the time of purchase towards setting up, configuring, and provisioning the numbers with our carriers.
    • Monthly rental fee: This is the monthly fee for buying the Phone numbers. The monthly rental fees are charged regardless of whether the number was used or not.
    • Usage Fees: This is the fees for using the phone number. The fees depend on the number of SMS text messages and voice calling minutes used on your account. Please visit How does Plivo charge for its services for complete details on usage fees.

    For more information, see Fees associated with Purchasing a Plivo Phone Numbers