Add a number from your own carrier

    Adds a phone number from your own carrier to your account.

    API Endpoint



    numbers Requiredstring

    A comma-separated list of numbers to be added to the account. These numbers should be configured to point to the SIP address <phone_number\> For instance, the phone number 18554675486 should point to

    carrier Requiredstring

    The ID of the IncomingCarrier that the number is associated with. For more information, see IncomingCarrier.

    region Requiredstring

    A free-text field you can use to describe the region of this phone number.

    number_type string

    The type of the phone number. You can use number_type to differentiate between mobile, local, and toll-free numbers in the account.

    Defaults to local.

    app_id string

    The application to be assigned to the phone number. If not specified, the application selected as the default_number_app of the account is assigned. For more information, refer to the default_number_app argument in application and app_id attribute in application object.

    subaccount string

    The auth_id of the subaccount to which this number should be added. You can map a phone number to a subaccount only from the main account.


    HTTP Status Code: 202

      "message": "changed",
      "api_id": "5a9fcb68-582d-11e1-86da-6ff39efcb949"