Add a number from your own carrier

    Adds a phone number from your own carrier, to your account.

    API Endpoint



    numbers Required

    A comma separated list of numbers to be added to the account. These numbers should be configured to point to the <phone_number\> SIP address. For instance, the phone number 18554675486 needs to point to the SIP address.

    carrier Required

    The ID of the IncomingCarrier that the number is associated with. For more information, check IncomingCarrier.

    region Required

    The region of this phone number. You can use it to identify phone numbers based on the region.

    number_type string

    The type of the phone number. You can use it differentiate between different types of phone numbers in the account. You may use this field to categorize between mobile, local and tollfree numbers. Default is local.

    app_id string

    The application to be assigned to the phone number. If not specified, the application selected as the default_number_app of the Account is assigned. For more information, refer default_number_app argument in application and app_id attribute in application object.

    subaccount string

    The auth_id of the subaccount to which this number should be added. This can be performed only by the main account.


    HTTP Status Code: 202

      "message": "changed",
      "api_id": "5a9fcb68-582d-11e1-86da-6ff39efcb949"