Update an incoming carrier

    This API lets you modify an existing incoming carrier set up on your account.

    API Endpoint

    POST https://api.plivo.com/v1/Account/{auth_id}/IncomingCarrier/{carrier_id}/


    name Requiredstring

    The name of the carrier. You can use any name.

    ip_set Requiredstring

    Comma-separated list of IP addresses from which calls belonging to the carrier will reach Plivo. Plivo checks this list to determine whether to allow incoming calls into Plivo’s servers, and will not accept calls that come from IP addresses not on this list. The complete set of IP addresses is replaced when you call this API.


    HTTP Status Code: 202

    "api_id": "7127cccc-5060-11e4-80aa-12313f048015",
    "message": "changed"