Migration Guide: Easytrunk to Zentrunk Inbound Trunk


    Easytrunk is an existing hosted voice application that forwards your Plivo number’s incoming calls to an IP PBX. Similar functionality is now available on Zentrunk, with added feature controls, and as a result, Plivo is decommissioning Easytrunk.

    The following document explains how to use Zentrunk, and migrate your trunks and Phone numbers from Easytrunk. This guide will help you with the instructions for smooth migration from Easytrunk to Zentrunk.

    Authenticate Plivo IPs

    First, you need to whitelist all Zentrunk IPs on your PBX. You can find the list of IPs here.

    Create an Inbound Trunk

    You can create an Inbound Trunk as per the Configuration Guide. Follow all the steps except for the “Assigning an inbound trunk to a Phone Number”. We will get to that below.

    Translations of Answer_URL, Primary URI, & Fallback URLs

    Below are the translations from answer_url to Primary URI. The fallback_url is the same as the Fallback URI.

    answer_url/fallback_url (Voice XML Application)Primary/Fallback URI (Zentrunk Inbound Trunk)


    1. If your easytrunk application contains phone.plivo.com then you can use PHLO. For example, if your app contains something like: http://easytrunk.plivo.com/response/sip/inbound/?DESTINATION=sip:demo123012937129312312@phone.plivo.com. Then you can follow the steps from this guide to create a PHLO to forward calls.
    2. Alternatively, You can also achieve using Zentrunk by creating a user at your PBX. For example, you can refer to the Freeswitch interconnection guide.
    3. There are some behavior changes with Zentrunk compared to Easytrunk:
      1. Telephone Number will be in E.164 format for zentrunk (including +).
      2. Caller ID is always provided on SIP From the header of SIP using Zentrunk.
      3. Make the necessary changes on your PBX to handle it. You can also look at the Zentrunk interconnection guide for inbound configuration.

    Assign the Inbound Trunk to a Plivo Number

    1. Assign the phone number to inbound Trunk
      1. Go to the Phone Numbers page on the Plivo Console.
      2. Click on a Phone Number which is assigned with the application that contains an Easytrunk URL.
      3. You can note the application name.
      4. Change the Application Type from XML Application to Zentrunk.
      5. Select the created/appropriate trunk for the selected phone number.
      6. Click on Update Number to Save the Changes

    Test and Validate

    1. Make a test call to the phone number. You will see the calls forwarded to your IP PBX.
    2. If it does not work then you can switch to your original Easytrunk XML Application with the same application name and reach out to us for help with the migration.

    Feel free to contact us if you face any issues migrating to Zentrunk.