Configuring a softphone

    You can use any softphone with Zentrunk; in this tutorial, we use Bria Solo Free (formerly X-Lite). If you’re not already using a smartphone, you can download If you are on Mac or Windows, download X-lite. For Linux users, you can download Blink. For this tutorial we will use the X-Lite Softphone.

    • Launch X-Lite and navigate to preferences. Click on the Accounts tab and hit the ‘+’ icon to add an account.


    • Add the User ID (1000,1001 etc), Domain (IP address of your Trunk machine), Password (password set in vars.xml), Display name (Any name) and Authorization name (same as your User ID).

    Note: Field names may vary based on make and model of the SIP phone. All the configuration will remain in each case.


    Click on OK when you’re done.

    Your endpoint entry in the list would be shown as Enabled. This indicates that your SIP phone has successfully registered with the Trunk.