Interconnection Guides

    Want to connect your existing IP PBX or softswitch to your Zentrunk SIP trunks? Find your current phone configuration in this table, then click on the linked guide to read a step-by-step tutorial on how to configure Zentrunk to work with your existing infrastructure so you can start making and receiving calls.

    FreeSwitchSoftswitchYesZentrunk and Freeswitch
    AsteriskIP PBXYesZentrunk and Asterisk
    FreePBXIP PBXYesZentrunk and FreePBX
    3CXIP PBXYesZentrunk and 3CX
    FusionPBXIP PBXYesZentrunk and Fusion PBX
    TwilioVoIP providerYesTwilio BYOC
    Twilio BYON