Interconnection Guides

    This guide is to help you connect your existing IP-PBX and Softswitches to your Zentrunk SIP Trunks. Start by choosing your current phone configuration, and the linked guide will provide you with a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to configure your Zentrunk SIP trunk to work with your existing infrastructure and start making and receiving calls.

    FreeSwitchSoftswitchYesZentrunk & Freeswitch
    AsteriskIP-PBXYesZentrunk & Asterisk
    Free PBXIP-PBXYesZentrunk & FreePBX
    3CXIP-PBXYesZentrunk & 3CX
    FusionPBXIP-PBXYesZentrunk & Fusion PBX
    TwilioVoIP providerYesTwilio BYOC
    Twilio BYON