Zentrunk Debug Logs

This quick guide provides greater detail into Plivo’s tools for troubleshooting connectivity issues that may occur during Zentrunk calls. The following sections detail the type of data you will find in your Zentrunk debug logs.

Call Details

The call details section provides fundamental information about the call connection, including:

  1. Call initiation time: The time at which the call was initiated, displayed as date timestamp.
  2. From: The source number from which the call originated.
  3. To: The destination number to which the call was made.
  4. Call answer time: Delta time it took for the call to be answered after ringing started.
  5. Call end time: Time at which the call ended, displayed as date timestamp.
  6. Call direction: The direction of the call — either inbound or outbound—from Plivo’s perspective.
  7. Call duration: Duration of the call, defined as the interval between answer time and end time.
  8. Total amount: Total amount of charges incurred on call.
  9. STIR Attestation: Attestation indicator (applicable for US calls).

Zentrunk Debug Logs - Call Details

Call Stats

The call stats section contains information about the trunk properties, as well as details regarding call origination and termination.

  1. Trunk ID: A distinctive identifier assigned to the trunk used in the call.
  2. Trunk domain: URL of the trunk domain used in the call.
  3. Secure trunk status: Boolean flag indicating the status of secure trunking.
  4. Transport protocol: Transport protocol employed in the call.
  5. Hangup cause: Hangup cause generated by Plivo, indicating the reason for why the call was disconnected. Refer to our comprehensive list of hangup causes for more information.
  6. Hangup source: Hangup source generated by Plivo, indicating the party responsible for disconnecting the call. A list of hangup sources can be found here.

Zentrunk Debug Logs - Call Stats

SIP logs

SIP logs contain the SIP call flow, the final SIP response, and provide the option to download the SIP PCAP.

  1. Final SIP response: Indicates the last SIP response received either from Plivo or from your PBX.
  2. Negotiated codec: Codec negotiated with your PBX during the initial invite.
  3. SIP PCAP: Plivo offers the option for you to download the SIP PCAP, providing signaling information between your PBX and Plivo’s IPs.

Zentrunk Debug Logs - SIP logs