Call Forwarding


    Setting up call forwarding with Plivo is a two-step process.

    1. Create call forwarding rules with PHLO

      call forward rules

    2. Attach PHLO to the phone number to which you wish to forward calls

      call forward rules

    Set-up Call Forwarding

    Call forwarding with Plivo is powered by PHLO and takes less than a minute to get started. PHLO stands for Plivo High-Level Objects. It is a visual communication builder that allows you to collaboratively create customized communication workflows. The drag and drop widget enables you to create a call forwarding application intuitively and scale your application as you grow.

    Plivo Dashboard

    The Plivo dashboard is your default view when:

    • You sign-up and verify your email and phone number;
    • You sign-in for the first time, as well as on any subsequent attempts.

    call forward rules

    There are three main sections on your Plivo dashboard:

    1. Top navigation bar (the main menu): helps you navigate between Voice, Phone Number, and PHLO sections.
    2. Basic account details: a quick view of your account status and credits.
    3. Billing and settings: helps you edit and update your account and billing details.

    Create call forward rules

    From the dashboard, navigate to the PHLO tab available on the top navbar. Go to the PHLO console to create your application using the following steps:

    1. Select “Create New PHLO”
    2. Select “Call Forwarding” from the use case options
    3. Click “Create Application” to enter the PHLO canvas
    4. Select the information ‘i’ icon from the “Call Forward” component
    5. Select the “Configuration” tab to edit your call forwarding details
    6. The “from number” is the caller’s identity. It is set to {{}} by default. This would show the actual Caller ID of the caller.

      Note: You could choose to edit "from number" to a static phone number. This would show you a static phone number on all the forwarded calls.
    7. Update “to number” to the destination number you want to forward calls to.

      Note: Enter the destination number with country code. To enter multiple numbers, separate them with commas.
    8. Click on “Validate” to save your forwarding settings.
    9. Edit/Update the PHLO name from the top left corner.
    10. Save PHLO and your call forward application is ready.

    Attach PHLO with your phone number

    First Plivo phone number

    Plivo’s free trial account comes with a free phone number based on the country from which you signed up. To check your free phone number:

    1. Select “Phone Number” from the top navbar
    2. Check for phone number under “Your Numbers”

    call forward rules

    Note: If you want a different number, or did not get a free number, you can buy one from the same tab using the “Buy New Number” button.

    On the Phone Number tab, you can attach the PHLO application with the phone number:

    1. Click on the phone number to select it for editing
    2. From the “App Type” dropdown select “PHLO”
    3. From the “Plivo App” dropdown select the forwarding app
    4. Select “Update” and your call forwarding rules are live

    Testing Call Forward 

    Make a phone call to your Plivo number and the call should be forwarded to the destination number. Here are some things to keep in mind:

    1. You need to sandbox destination numbers to test forwarding on a free trial account, except for the phone number used for sign-up verification.
    2. Dial the Plivo phone number including the international country code.
    3. The destination number used in the forwarding app should not be used to make the test phone call. This would create a loop and your test call would not complete.

    Free-trial account and sandbox

    Sign up and verify your phone number to create a free trial account. A free trial account helps you test our service without any commitment. Once you sign up, trial credits are added to your account based on your country of registration. For more information, contact support.

    During the free trial, you can forward phone calls to sandboxed phone numbers only. The phone number used to sign up is sandboxed by default. To sandbox another phone number:

    1. Log-in to dashboard
    2. Go to “Sandbox Number”, under Billing and Settings
    3. Add the phone number, including the country code
    4. Verify with the OTP sent to the sandboxed number

    call forward rules

    You can sandbox up to ten phone numbers. This is a security measure to avoid abuse or non-opted spam calls. This limitation is voided on a Standard Plivo Account. Your account is upgraded to Standard on the first recharge.

    Upgrade your account

    You must upgrade your account when:

    1. You run out of Plivo trial credits
    2. You want to go live with your app and avoid sandboxing
    3. You want to buy additional phone numbers

    call forward rules

    To upgrade your account, navigate to “Billing and Settings” and add a credit card. The minimum first recharge is $25. The service is pay-as-you-go, with no monthly minimum commitment.

    You can also click on “Upgrade” from the “Basic Account Details” section to get started.

    Call forwarding features

    Your call forwarding application is powered by PHLO. This enables you to add powerful features with your app from the PHLO canvas. You can edit your existing application or create a new application with these features.

    Note: Changes made to the existing PHLO app will take effect as soon as you save the application.
    Note: Select the PHLO application to enter the canvas and make changes. Do not forget to save your changes.

    Forward to multiple phone numbers

    You can forward your phone calls to multiple phone numbers, SIP endpoints, or a combination of both. Navigate to PHLO canvas and edit the “to number” field. You can add multiple phone numbers separated by commas.

    call forward rules

    Simultaneous and Sequential ring

    On the “Call Forward” component, scroll down to settings and select from the dropdown menu the option for a forwarded call to ring at multiple destinations simultaneously or in a set sequence. On the sequential dial, the first destination number will ring first, followed by the rest in the order you have listed them.

    call forward rules

    Note: You can choose for how long each number rings with "Disconnect call after ringing for" option.

    Record calls

    Select the “record calls” checkbox under configuration on the “call forward” component to start recording phone calls.

    call forward rules

    Set-up voicemail

    You can set up voicemail rules based on the end state of the call: Completed, No Answer, Busy/Rejected, Failed.

    1. Drag and drop the “Record Audio” component on to the canvas
    2. Select the information ‘i’ icon from the “Record Audio” component
    3. There are two ways to set-up your message:
      • Text to speech: Type the message as text. Select the relevant language and tone. We will convert it and play the same to the caller.
      • Audio recording URL: Upload a professional pre-recorded message in the form of a URL.
    4. Update your voicemail settings and click on “Validate”
    5. From the “Call forwarding” component, attach No Answer, Busy/Rejected and Failed state to the “Record Audio” component.
    6. Choose to edit/update the PHLO name and click “Save”.
    7. Make sure the PHLO is connected to a phone number.


    Block incoming calls

    You can block incoming calls from a specific incoming phone number or a country.

    1. Drag and drop the “Branch” component on to the canvas
    2. Select the information ‘i’ icon from the “Branch” component
    3. The branch component allows you to compare values. In this case, we will compare “from number” or the 2-digit iso code for the country.
      • Variable to compare: The value you would receive on the call.
        • For Caller ID, enter {{}}
        • For 2-digit iso code, enter {{}}
      • Operation: It has many operations. For comparing you should select “Is equal to”
      • Value to compare: The value you want to compare with.
        • For Caller ID, enter the Caller ID you want to block. Ex. 1-220-200-0000
        • For 2-digit iso code, enter the iso code for the country you want to block. Ex. US for United States of America. Find 2-digit iso code here.
    4. Click “Validate” to save the settings. The branch component will have two output nodes:
      • No Match: When the values do not match
      • Condition 1: When the condition matches.
      Note: The condition fields are editable. You can change the name if you have more values to compare. This would make the PHLO easier to track.
    5. Connect “Start” with “Branch” node.
    6. Connect “No Match” to the “Call forwarding” component.
    7. You can choose to leave the “Condition 1” node empty or attach the “Hangup” component. The calls will be blocked in either case.

    Block phone number setting: 

    Block country setting:

    Play custom greeting

    You can play a custom greeting to your callers in the form of:

    • Text to speech: Type the message as text. Select the relevant language and tone. We will convert and play it to your callers.
    • Audio recording URL: Upload a professional pre-recorded message in the form of a URL.

    To set up custom greeting for your callers:

    1. Drag and drop the “Play Audio” component on to the canvas
    2. Click on the component to open the configuration tab
    3. Enter the text and select the language. Alternatively, enter the URL to set-up the greeting.
    4. Click on “Validate” to save the settings
    5. Attach the “Start Node” to “Play Audio”. Post the audio the call gets forwarded.

    Call whisper

    Call whisper is used to play a small message to the receiver before the call is answered. The receiver hears the prompt and presses a confirm key to answer the call. This can be achieved from the “Call Forwarding” component.

    1. Open the configuration panel on Call Forwarding component.
    2. Scroll down to “Call Screening Options” and select the “Confirm Prompt” checkbox.
    3. Enter the message and select the confirm key from the dropdown.
    4. Click on validate to save the setting.