iOS 14 Compatibility Notice

    Plivo iOS SDK 2.1.17+ is fully compatible with iOS 14.
    There are no updates for iOS14 that affect the Plivo iOS SDK. The updates that we are aware of are the following-

    1. Incoming Push Notification:
      • In iOS 13, it is mandatory to report an incoming push notification to CallKit via reportNewIncomingCallWithUUID API. However, by supplying a nill UUID to this API, you could still ignore an incoming push notification.

      • In iOS 14, however, iOS will kill your app with the following error recorded on the console when a nil UUID is passed to reportNewIncomingCallWithUUID-

        Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[CXProvider reportNewIncomingCallWithUUID:update:completion:]: parameter 'UUID' cannot be nil'
    2. App Clips: In the App clip apps, socket communication is blocked due to which users can not make or accept calls using our SDK. But, App Clip apps still support PushKit, you can use a separate certificate signing request file and generate a bundle ID (com.main.bundleid.Clip) VoIP Service certificate for your App Clip extension apps. Please check the below links for reference.

      Socket Connection future compatibility updates

      App clips support in the Developer Program account/Enterprise account