iOS 14 Compatibility Notice

Plivo iOS SDK 2.1.17+ is fully compatible with iOS 14.
There are no updates for iOS 14 that affect the Plivo iOS SDK. The updates that we’re aware of are:

  1. Incoming Push Notification:
    • In iOS 13, it’s mandatory to report an incoming push notification to CallKit via reportNewIncomingCallWithUUID API. However, by supplying a nil UUID to this API, you could still ignore an incoming push notification.

    • In iOS 14, however, iOS will kill your app with the following error recorded on the console when a nil UUID is passed to reportNewIncomingCallWithUUID:

      Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[CXProvider reportNewIncomingCallWithUUID:update:completion:]: parameter 'UUID' cannot be nil'
  2. App Clips: In App Clip apps, socket communication is blocked, so users cannot make or accept calls using our SDK. But App Clip apps still support PushKit, so you can use a separate certificate-signing request file and generate a bundle ID (com.main.bundleid.Clip) VoIP Service certificate for your App Clip extension apps. For reference, see