Here’s what you will need to start using the Plivo app on Zapier:

    When you start creating a Plivo Zap, you will be asked to connect your Plivo account.

    Plivo Account

    When you click “continue”, you will then be asked to enter your Plivo auth ID and auth token.

    Auth Creds

    If the Auth credentials are correct, you will have your Plivo account connected successfully with Zapier. You can then choose the trigger event and proceed to the next step.

    Choose Trigger

    Once you have selected the Trigger event, you can initiate a test trigger!

    Connection Success

    Supported triggers

    You can use the following triggers to trigger your Zap:

    • New SMS INSTANT TRIGGER: Triggers when you receive an SMS.
    • New Completed Call: Triggers after a call is completed.

    Using the New SMS trigger will override the message_url associated with your Plivo number if you have already set it.

    Supported searches

    You can perform the following searches on Zapier:

    • Find Number: Finds a phone number by service type.

    Supported actions

    You can perform the following actions in your Zaps:

    • Make Call & Speak Text: Make a call and say a message.
    • Send SMS: Sends an SMS.
    • Make Call & Play Audio: Make a call and play an audio.

    If you are using a Plivo trial account, you can send messages and make calls only to verified sandboxed numbers.

    Report any feedback or problems with this integration by contacting the Plivo Support team.

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