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The HostedMessagingNumber object


alias A friendly name for the hosted messaging order.
number Phone number to be hosted, in E.164 format. It must be a local number in the US or Canada.
hosted_messaging_number_id The unique identifier used to identify the hosted messaging order.
application URI for the application used to create the hosted messaging order.
hosting_status Status of this resource.

Allowed values: new, in_review, processing, completed, failed.

failure_reason A message that explains the cause of failure. It is empty except when hosting_status is failed.
loa_id The unique identifier of the LOA.
resource_uri The URL of this HostedMessagingNumber order.
created_at The date this resource was created.

Example Object

"alias": "check-profile-number-profile-test1-25",
"api_id": "65dbe7be-4080-11ec-a1c3-0242ac110006",
"application": "/v1/Account/MA2025RK4E639VJFZAGV/Application/43598296806979568/",
"created_at": "2021-10-13T05:51:47.946467Z",
"failure_reason": "",
"hosted_messaging_number_id": "3b4afde5-80e0-4fb6-463a-281b688d8a7d",
"hosting_status": "IN_REVIEW",
"loa_id": "b855aaf1-1b1d-443c-8a35-4cf65102e2ef",
"message": "created",
"number": "12142292186",
"resource_uri": "/v1/Account/MA2025RK4E639VJFZAGV/HostedMessagingNumber/3b4afde5-80e0-4fb6-463a-281b688d8a7d/"