The LOA object


    aliasA friendly name for the LOA.
    fileThe full file path of the PDF file to be submitted when creating an LOA.
    loa_idThe unique identifier of the LOA.
    linked_numbersList of all numbers associated with a particular LOA ID. Empty if no numbers have been linked to the loa_id.
    resource_uriThe URL of this HostedMessagingNumber order.
    created_atThe date this resource was created.

    Example Object

       "alias": "re_testing-sup-1",
       "api_id": "1d6e2da4-407e-11ec-a1c3-0242ac110006",
       "created_at": "2021-11-08T10:24:54.604163308Z",
       "file": "file_PDF_500_kB.pdf",
       "linked_numbers": [],
       "loa_id": "3606505d-afdd-4534-937f-f9b869bc8603",
       "message": "created",
       "resource_uri": "/v1/Account/MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/HostedMessagingNumber/LOA/3606505d-afdd-4534-937f-f9b869bc8603/"