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Session recording callback

Configure the “recording callback URL” to receive these events.


Triggered when the first party and the second party are connected via the virtual phone number and the recording begins.


Triggered when one of the parties disconnects the call.


Triggered when the record attribute is set to true for a masking session but the recording could not be started.

Recording callback attributes

For each event, the below attributes will be posted to your web server

EventName (string)

Event that triggered this callback. This parameter will have one of the values from the list of events above.

EventTimestamp (string)

Timestamp at which the event occurred.

SessionUUID (string)

Unique ID of the masking session.

FirstParty (string)

The real phone number of the first party used for the interaction.

SecondParty (string)

The real phone number of the second party used for the interaction.

VirtualNumber (string)

The Plivo virtual phone number used for the interaction.

RecordingDuration (string)

Duration of recording in seconds.

RecordingEndTime (string)

UTC Timestamp at which the recording ended.

RecordingStartTime (string)

UTC Timestamp at which the recording started.

RecordingFormat (string)

Format of the recording.

RecordingResourceURL (string)

Complete URL path to the recorded file.

RecordingUUID (string)

Unique identifier to identify the file.

SequenceNumber (string)

Indicates the sequence of the callback. Helpful to sort the callback events posted to the recording_callback_url.